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We know that interpreting vast amounts of data generated by modern high-throughput technologies such as: Genome sequencing, Next-generation sequencing, Microarray profiling- Can be overwhelming. That is why we are here!

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We love analyzing data by day & by night. We never sleep… almost.

Let us help you get a better understanding of how a living cell functions, at the molecular level, by analyzing raw sequenced data.

Here is a list of things we can do for you

NGS Analyses

NGS technology has lead to exponential increase in the Genomic data which need further processing and analysis

Data Migration

Bringing all of the right information together

Data Mining

For grouping, ranking and prioritizing genes, discovering hidden trends and meaningful structure in your data.

Custom Software

We build and implements custom software, including data pipelines, user interfaces, and interactive visualization applications.

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We offer comprehensive biostatistics support, from parsing and analyzing your data to explaining the results and building insightful figures.

Microarray data analysis

We start with raw data, do the statistics and deliver the results in easy-to-use tables and easy-to-interpret visualization

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Martin Miller

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